by 2her0ck

After a lot of researching, designing and experimentation I have chosen what my final Watermark will be and it shouldn’t be a surprise either.

It is…

My final Watermark

My final Watermark

I liked this one as it is simple and elegant. I made it in photoshop using the Skia font and putting a drop shadow effect on it which is not visible unless you zoom in.

Want to see how it would look like on a photograph? Well here it is!

My Watermark

Afcorse I wont be making the watermark that big on all my photographs. It will be small, almost invisible on a corner of a photograph.

I use BorderFX which is a free plugin for iPhoto to put my watermark on top of my images. And I select “Soft Light” for Blending mode.

Ok,  here’s one where you will get a feel of how I will be using the watermark…

IMGP0145 (1)

I have put my watermark on the bottom right corner.

So what do you all think?